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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Improving Your Pet's Attack & Defense With Unit Cards

Hey, glad to have you back!

Last time we talked about taming and summoning pets. If you haven't read that article yet head over this link: Taming and Summoning Pets. It'll save you a lot of time figuring out the whole process and may also save you a lot of wasted Creature Cards, if you know what I mean.

Now, I assume you already have your own pet and know how they come in handy during battles. There is one problem though. You may have noticed that your pet is not at as tough as your character is and they tend to die a lot of times. Adding to this is the fact that they do less damage than what you need especially during fierce battles with high level monsters and dungeon sieges. Luckily, there is a way to improve your pet's attack and toughen up their defense. This can be attained by giving some of your armors and weapons to your pet. Yes, you heard it right. Pets can be equipped with their own weapons and armors and this can be done using "Unit Cards".

What is a Unit Card?
A unit card is an specialized item in Rappelz that allows you to combine other items with it which can then be equipped by your pet creature. Item attributes by the equipped items will then be added to your pet's stats thereby improving their attack and defense.

Combining Weapons & Armors on A Unit Card
Start by opening up your Inventory by pressing ALT+I. Next, Click the "Combination" button. This will open up the Item Combination Window.

Next, drag your Unit Card to one of the Combination slots together with the items you wish to combine with it.

Now, press the "Confirm" button on the Combination Window. If the combination process succeeded you should see the items replaced with a new single item. Don't worry if it fails. You won't lose your items :)

Equipping the Unit Card To Your Pet
Now that you have successfully combined your items into a Unit Card, it's time to equip it to your pet. Open up the Creature Formation Window by pressing ALT+Y. Next, drag the combined item into the first available slot. The combined item will then be marked with a letter "E" indicating that the item was successfully equipped to your pet.

Do this with other items like weapons and other armors to achieve an ever higher pet attack and defense points.

Checking Your Pet's Stats
Check your pet's improved stats by pressing ALT+E.

That's it! Your pet is now a lot tougher and deals more damage so you can enjoy your adventures more  with your pet in  the awesome world of Rappelz.

Taming Your Own Pet

I've always loved pets. As a matter of fact I first had three: One is a chicken named "Angue". Another one is turtle whose name is "This Ris". And lastly, but definitely not the least, a tiger named "Undaari". Yes, I do have a tiger and I always make sure that I bring him with me on my trips. On my Rappelz trips that is.

Probably the most exciting feature Rappelz has ever introduced into the game is the Pet System or sometimes referred to by most players in the Philippines as "pet taming" (I prefer to call it Pet System coz the process does not only concern taming but the general idea of capturing a creature, honing its skills and characters and managing your pet collections in general). Although this is not something new to most online gamers, Rappelz is the only MMORPG that allows ALL characters to tame, summon and train their own pets, regardless of the character's class. Like regular characters in Rappelz, pets have the ability to fight, improve their level, carry armors and weapons, develop powerful combat skills and evolve into a different class. And speaking of pets, I've prepared a simple and easy to follow instructions on how to tame and conjure your own pet that will definitely make your gaming life easier when playing Rappelz.

Taming A Pet in Rappelz
As your character progresses through levels its skills add up and improve. And one of the most important skill that your character gets to learn is "Creature Taming". Creature Taming, as the name implies, enables you to tame your own pet creature. For the sake of clarity, I've placed the Creature Taming ability into my shortcut bar as shown in the screenshot below.

Creature Taming Skill
Placing the Creature Taming skill on your Rappelz toolbar allows you quick access to the taming skill whenever you need it either by clicking on it or using the shortcut key corresponding to the slot where you placed the skill (in my case is top slot #10 which shortcut key is CTRL+0)

Creature Card
Aside from Creature Taming you will also be needing a Creature Card. Creature Cards vary from one pet type to another. At the moment, I have three (I'm only on level 18 at the time o this writing). One of them is a Poultry Card that will enable me to tame creatures of Poultry type in Rappelz (that include roosters and any other creature belonging to the family of fowls. Shown below is an empty Poultry Card.) There are other low-level Creature Cards available that includes, but not limited to, Pantera Cards, Torus Cards, Pixie Cards, Wolf Cards and such. 

Now see if you have one in your inventory (You inventory can be accessed by pressing ALT+I.) And while you're at it make sure you click the card to select it in preparation for our "taming session".

Finding a Pet to Tame
OK, so you're back. Now that we have the EMPTY Creature Card selected and the Creature Taming skill in place, the only thing we still yet to have is your "soon to be pet". Let's try searching for one.

Oh, there it is! We found one and it's one Great Rooster indeed. OK. So now let's start taming. With your Poultry Creature Card selected, click on the Rooster ONCE. Again, click only once to prevent your character from attacking it. Remember that you won't be able to tame it if you kill it. Make sense?

Taming Creatures in Rappelz
Now, using your Creature Taming skill, try to capture your prospective pet. Click on the Creature Taming skill or press the shortcut key corresponding to the correct slot.

It'll take a few seconds for the taming spell to finish and I advise you not to interrupt it or you'll lose your shot and your card.

After, the taming process it's time to show who's the boss. You will have to defeat it :D

If the taming process succeeded and you were able to defeat it, the creature is yours. Be reminded that the taming spell doesn't always work and there is no way of knowing how the game determines its success rate. In other words, pet taming in Rappelz is purely by chance and most of the time it will fail. Luckily, I had the luck of successfully taming three pets in a  row. Not bad, eh? Considering some players wasted 10 cards trying to tame a pet without any luck at all and getting a Creature Card from enemies you kill is even harder.

Now, if Lady Luck's on your side and have successfully tamed a creature, it's time to put your new pet to work. The first thing to do is to tell the game which pet creature you're going to use. Open up the "Creature Formation" window by pressing ALT+Y. This will display your empty creature window with 3 empty slots.

How to Summon Your New Pet
With your Inventory window open, drag your creature card to the first available slot in your Creature Formation window.

 Once the tamed pet's Creature Card is place the Formation window will look something like this:

Cool! Now that you have your tamed pet card loaded it's time for the final and most exciting part -- summoning your pet. Pet taming skill goes with another ability which is the the ability  to conjure (or summon) tamed pet creatures in Rappelz. The skill is called "Summon Creature". Again, for easy access, drag the Summon Creature skill to your shortcut bar:

Now that the skill is in place, click on it or press the shortcut keys corresponding to that slot. Summoning  a pet takes just about the same time it takes for you to tame a creature.

That's it! Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the finished product: Chicken ala Rappelz

Bon appetit!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Free Items Up for Grabs!

Rappelz Philippine's website has recently announced that whoever reached the level 20 threshold will be able to keep their character's name in recognition to their effort in testing out the game before its closed beta release on August of this year. Yesterday, I've received some news that Rappelz is adding up yet another treat for Rappelz players in the Philippines who are able to level their character up higher than 20. Interested in what items they'll be giving away this time? Check out the list below:

Level Achieved
30 – 39
Stamina Saver
40 – 49
30-Day Looter Pet
50 – 59
Fairy God Mother Bottles
60 – 70
Stamina Saver

Pretty neat huh? I don't know about other Rappelz players but I think the 10 Fairy God Mother Bottles is  already a big treat for me. But hey, some stamina savers would be great to have to help me achieve even higher level in less time. So I'm heading out to my Rappelz client and start leveling now. Who knows what Rappelz is in store for me yet in the future. T-shirt perhaps? (Jojo Palad of EagleGame: hint, hint :D)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rappelz Philippines' Countdown To OBT Starts Today

EagleGame, the licensee for the new MMORPG hit, Rappelz Philippines starts its countdown to Open Beta Test launch today. Checking the Reppelz Official Website for the Philippine server, visitors can monitor the time remaining for the CBT in real-time. In addition to the countdown clock is the launching of Rappelz' screenshot page where visitors are given a preview of some of the most breath-taking scenes and monsters from never-yet seen parts of the game.

For more info check out Rappelz Philippines' Official Website at